many cups of tea

It’s been ages since I last posted here. But I did write a post not long ago for the lovely and talented Louise Allan, whose novel The Sisters’ Song comes out in January next year (go here to read about her upcoming book!).

So what have I been doing? Well, writing, whenever I can. Plunking away at the keyboard. Patting the dog with my foot while I type. Eating too many snacks.

In August I went to the Melbourne Writers Festival and met Joyce Carol Oates. Yes, okay, it was just at a signing of her latest novel, A Book of American Martyrs, but still. It was incredibly exciting. She asked me ‘And Fiona, what do you do?’ – like we were at a party or something – and I rambled like I’d had seven beers and a tequila slammer, before collecting myself and moving on.

I’ve also been receiving emails.                                                                                              “Thank you for your submission, The Brussel Sprout Queen. We enjoyed reading it but unfortunately it’s a bit crap. We’d be happy to read further stories, but only if they’re much much better. Sincerely, The Editors.”

I’ve had several of these in a row. Another writing friend says ‘Oh, it’s just a dry spell, I once had a dry spell for two years.’ And I shiver and want to tell her ‘No, no you didn’t. You must be mistaken.’

But Onwards! I say and I make some tea. I know there’s nothing for it but to keep writing. And so I do.

6 thoughts on “many cups of tea

  1. Lucky you meeting JCO! What a legend she is, and how delightful to be able to chat to her! I know what you mean about prattling on in front of someone you admire, though—I do the same when I’m nervous. It’s like my mouth bypasses my brain and blurts out the most unintelligible gibberish that it possibly can, so I look like a total fool in front of my idol.
    I like the sound of ‘The Brussel Sprout Queen’ and I’m sure a publisher will pick it up!
    Lastly, I’m sipping tea here tonight, too! We can sip together.
    Keep plugging away! xx

  2. It’s lovely to hear from you again, Fiona. (Your Attic piece really resonated with me).
    Sorry about your rejections – nice touch of humour there though 😊
    Here’s to 2018 and another year of writing opportunities waiting for us.

  3. Hi Marie, I’m glad you liked the Attic piece and thank you for your kind words. Yes, I’m looking forward to what 2018 may bring all of us, but I haven’t given up on 2017 yet either! I live in hope 🙂

  4. My goodness, Fiona, that’s some rejection from a Brussel Sprout. But as you say, it might just be a brief dry spell. It’s great to meet you here and to have met you over at my blog. We writers need to stick together, to hang out together and to persevere.

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