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I haven’t posted for awhile. It’s not that I haven’t written posts. In fact I’ve written two in the last few weeks, but when I finished each of them, I realised that I couldn’t press publish.  Though I wrote each piece with care, I knew the people I’d referred to might recognise themselves, if they somehow stumbled here. They might feel misrepresented, or resent being discussed.

So I’ve said nothing at all. The safer option.

What can I say?

I can say that I am so grateful for my writing group and my other writing buddies, both in real life and online. They share their knowledge, make me laugh and are writing cheerleaders. Often they keep me going when I’d otherwise lose faith. They are phenomenal. If you’re reading this, you’re probably one of those people, so thank you.

I can say that I’ve finally reached the goal word count for my short story manuscript. (Now the editing begins!)

And I can say that here in Brisbane it is fine and cold and glorious. Perfect writing weather.

Wishing you all a very happy writing week!

6 thoughts on “news and weather

  1. I agree there is much comfort in chatting with our writing buddies. My writing group is a source of inspiration but I have made some good friends online too. These ‘friends I have yet to meet’ are as dear to me as some of my other friends. The writer tribe can be generous and helpful -with advice, critiques and comments. Congratulations on finishing your story. Now you are due to edit it- have yu tried the Audio function on Word? I find it exceptionally helpful- as the strange voice reading aloud disassociates me from the text, w enabling me to hear errors. Here in Perth yestrday, it was glorious Spring weather, today is grey, cold and with flurries of rain.

    Wishing you a very successful writing week.

    • Hi Sonia,
      I’m glad you have a great writing group. And online writing friends can be such a support, I agree.
      Thanks for reminding me of the audio function on Word – I remember you posted about this once (I think?) and I’d never known about that function before. I think I’ll do exactly as you suggest!
      The weather in Perth sounds a bit variable right now, but at least those cold grey days are good for knuckling down to writing with a cup of something hot!
      Hope your week goes really well, too 😊

  2. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to read those posts, but I know what you mean and you’ve made the right decision, no doubt. Sometimes, it helps to just write thoughts down so you know what you’re really thinking and feeling. Sometimes, too, you just need to tell someone your thoughts and leave it at that. 🙂

    • You’re right Louise, I think I feel better having written those unpublished posts. With one in particular, writing it with the thought that anyone might read it made me find more understanding and compassion, as well as helping me process my emotions.

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