wake from dreaming

Ever wake from a nightmare and sigh with relief? Or spend a morning feeling unsettled, before realising it all stemmed from a dream?

It’s amazing how dreams affect our moods. It’s amazing how dreams reflect our moods too. Last night I dreamt I had an English assignment due the next day and had nothing prepared (yes, I’d reversed thirty years in age and was back in high school). I also had an exam the next day for which I’d done no study. In the dream I was trying to reassure myself, asking myself calmly, ‘What’s the worst thing that can happen? You won’t get a good mark. No big deal.’ But it was a big deal. I wanted a high mark. I was panicked and upset.

These ‘school exam dreams’ seem to happen to many people, often years down the track. Maybe it’s when we’re under pressure, maybe when it’s when we feel somehow inadequate for whatever we’re facing. For me, I suspect it’s because I have several stories under consideration and I’m waiting and hoping and crossing fingers and toes.

How about you? Do you dream of exams too?

2 thoughts on “wake from dreaming

  1. I have exactly the same dream, and it recurs about once or twice a year. It’s horrible! It’s usually Maths and I’ve done no study, or sometimes I’m back in Medicine with assignments and exams looming and I’ve done no work. I thought it was a hangover from the days before my reformation (!) when I didn’t study, and my belief that at my core, I’m lazy. But maybe it’s just related to something simple like a real life deadline! That’s a nicer way of looking at it!

  2. Yes, a reaction to deadline pressure sounds like a much nicer interpretation! (I don’t believe you’re lazy for a second!). I’m sure my dreams are when I feel pressure too. Even pressure from myself.
    I usually dream about Maths exams too. My brain must be getting really literal in my dotage 🙂

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