Gotta be in it

brick-wall-free-textures-01It’s interesting, the way we writers repeatedly bang our heads against brick walls. Do we have really tough skulls? High pain thresholds? Masochistic urges? I think we do it because we’re stoic (not stupid – stoic!). We feel the pain but we want to succeed.

Today I applied for a writing residency, knowing my chances are very slim. Not only am I competing against more experienced, more talented authors, I’m also applying with a short story collection. I checked the previous winners of this residency, and found that of all the most recent finalists, only one was writing short fiction. Hmmm, I said to myself. And yet if I don’t apply at all, my chance of acceptance is zero. If I don’t enter the fray, I can’t possibly succeed.

To all those awaiting writing results and responses, to anyone who sometimes feels the bruises from the brick wall – I’m with you. I’m doing the same. We’re putting ourselves out there, getting amongst it.

Wishing you the best of luck!

4 thoughts on “Gotta be in it

  1. Good luck, Fiona, there’s no way around it. Unless we put ourselves out there, there are even less chances of getting somewhere. And even if each effort may not pay off, cumulatively it’s propelling us forward. Each application gets better pushing us to review and revise the draft of a work in progress. All good stuff. And you never know!

    • You’re right Gulara – applications and competitions mean we’re honing our craft, and getting practice at presenting our work. Plus, you never DO know!
      Thank you so much for your support xx

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