A neglected garden

I haven’t taken to blogging a second time around (obviously). Last time I blogged, which was from 2005-2010, I had an anonymous blog. That was incredibly freeing. I wrote whatever I wanted about anything I wanted. I used nicknames only, never posted photos showing faces, and I was honest and open, without fear of ‘the wrong person’ reading my words (whoever that might be. At the time, mainly people who might roll their eyes and say¬†she is SUCH a drama queen – or something equally unkind/true).

Blogging under my own name is not so much fun. I feel really self-conscious and stilted. So I’ve been working away, doing a ton of writing, but none of it here. Very unsociable I know. This blog has wilted and become overgrown with weeds.

I’m happy to accept that blogging as a writer isn’t going to be my thing, but I’ll leave this blog up as a way for anyone to get in contact, should the need arise. And I’ll go take a wander around the many thriving gardens.